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Jan 29-31 Ipsalu Level 1 Weekend
Feb 5 Vajrayogini Tantra
Feb 26 Tantric Playground
Feb 28 Full Moon Satsang
Mar 5 Tantric Partner Yoga
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Feb 26 Tantric Playground

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Featuring Firebreath Orgasm


Come to a place where heart and sex meet...where the boundaries of separation merge...where you are perfect as you are...where you shine in your divine  magnificence..
'Unleash your creative manifest the life you create the relationship you're longing for..
Feel /expand/move/transform and exchange energy with others.
Explore the worlds beyond the in the yourself!
Experiment with a simple formula that evokes the bliss vibration...and take it with you!


chakra dancer


Firebreath Orgasm, perhaps the most powerful method for transmuting energy in the body!  Firebreath was practiced in the ancient Egyptian temples and variations can be found in the East Indian, Tibetan Buddhist, Taoist and even Native American  traditions.  Benefits are multitude, some of them are listed below:


Health/Rejuvenation: Seven chakra orgasm is  a natural way to stimulate  endocrine glands, brining in  hormonal balance and producing rejuvenation of the whole body (hormones beyond the 'maintenance' range are used by the body directly for healing and rejuveation).


Healing of Psychological Trauma:  Unlocking  blocked energy in the pelvis  and bringing sexual energy back into natural flow and orgasmic fulfillment, reconnecting to the 'orgasmic river' within.   Increases psychological wellbeing and self confidence. 


Psychic Development: Increases your ability to be sensitive to energy, feeling palpable life force moving through the body and  awareness of subtle bodies.  Even only just a one round of Firebreath you will feel energized, powerful, beautiful and radiant!


Sexual-Spiritual Enhancement: Increases your ability to awaken sexual energy 'on demand' instead of waiting for the 'right moment'.  Activates higher states of arousal, leading to an expanded, full bodied orgasm. A full bodied orgasmic awareness is an important aspect of Tantric lovemaking (whether solo or with a partner),  a prerequisite to an illuminating experience .


 Emotional Release:  Firebreath is a powerful method of emotional clearing. Upward moving energy loosens up emotional blocks at different chakras,  allows supressed emotions to flow,  unfinished emotional issues to complete themselves.  A crucial step to a personal transformation.


Who should come? Anybody seeking more joy, aliveness and  fulfillment in life!


Both singles and couples are welcome!


Nestled within the safe container of Ipsalu Tantra.
No explicit sexual exchange during this experimental evening. Safe space, boundaries unconditionally honored.


 Time 7:00 10:00 pm \

Location: The CommonWell, 85 Bolinas Road, unit #2,  Fairfax, CA

Suggested Donation: $30 in advance, $35 on the door